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2024-05-20 - Generate QR Codes

You can now use the SD Layer Diffuse tech to generate transparent images directly with the AI horde (without the use of a post-processor). To use this functionality, simply pass transparent: true in your payloads params. This feature is not supported on Img2Img however.

2024-05-20 - Generate QR Codes

You can now generate QR Codes on the AI Horde! Currently this functionality is only available for Stable Diffusion 1.5. To use this functionality, your frontend needs to support it so that you can type the text you wish to be made into a QR code and to specify the specific qr_code workflow.

2024-05-12 - Stable Cascade 2pass support

The AI Horde now supports Stable Cascade 2passSimply switch hires_fix to True to use. Note that this has double the cost of a normal Stable Cascade.

2024-03-24 - Supports image variations

The AI Horde now supports Stable Cascade along with its image variations / remix capabilities!

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2024-02-13 - Custom error codes

The AI Horde now supports custom error return codes You can use this to better machine parse the various errors returned from the AI horde or to provide error translations.

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2024-02-03 - Webhook support

Webhooks are here. You can now specify a webhook URL which the horde will POST to when your generations are ready

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2024-01-13 - Batching added

We have now added batching to the AI Horde!This means that if your frontend is handling this properly, sending requests for multiple images should fulfill much faster overall. However this can have an impact on the resulting seed. If you need to have an accurate seed, for now you can use disable_batching.

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2024-01-07 - New Horde Worker reGen

The new generation of the AI Horde worker is out. The Horde Worker reGen! It should have always the latest version of comfyUI, which allows us access to all the latest features of Stable Diffusion. Every worker should work on switching ASAP, as the new worker can support SDXL models as well as LCM payloads!

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2023-11-26 - Supports different LoRa versions

The AI Horde now supports different LoRa versions from each LoRa. Happy Winter Solstice!

2023-11-23 - NLNet Grant

The AI Horde will receive an NLNet Grant!

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2023-09-03 - One year anniversary

The AI Horde is officially one year old!

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2023-08-30 - Textual Inversions support

Textual Inversions support has now been merged into the main worker branch! Read the devlog

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2023-07-23 - Join Lemmy Community

Join our Lemmy Community.

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2023-07-04 - New AI Horde update

New State of the AI Horde is out!

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2023-07-04 - New AI Horde update

New State of the AI Horde is out!

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2023-06-01 - LoRas support merged

LoRas support has now been merged into the main worker branch! All kudos to Jug and Tazlin for their invaluable efforts! Read the devlog

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2023-05-30 - Early LoRa support

Early support for LoRa has been added to the AI Horde with a few workers providing it. UIs are still adding it, with Lucid Creations, ArtBot and the Krita plugin already supporting it.Try it out and let us know how it works for you.

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2023-05-25 - ProtoReplicant integration

I wanted to point out a very cool voice-2-text-2-voice AI Horde integration: ProtoReplicant. It converts your voice into text which it then sends to an LLM model, and finally converts the resulting text into voice and plays it back. Here's the new Discord integration channel

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2023-05-22 - Telegram bot Imaginarium

A new AI Horde integration has been created. A Telegram bot by the name of Imaginarium. Here's the new Discord integration channel

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2023-05-14 - Moved to hordelib library

The AI Horde has finally moved to the hordelib library. Which is powered by the ComfyUI inference backend. Read the Devlog!

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2023-05-11 - Efficient kudos model

With the upcoming deployment of the hordelib-based worker. Jug has looked into creating a more efficient model to determine generation kudos instead of reusing the numbers I hallucinated one day. He used what we know best and we trained an explicit model to calculate kudos, based on the performance of his own GPU on the comfy branch This new calculation should be much more accurate in terms of things like controlnet and resolution impact. The good news is that the new comfy branch this seems to reduce kudos costs for high resolutions accross the board. Note: Due to the current worker (based on nataili) being slightly lower quality at the benefit of speed, and thus getting a boost due to the new kudos model, we have implemented a 25% reduction for its rewards to bring it up to line with its actual performance.

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2023-05-09 - Shareable API keys

A new feature appeared on the Horde. You can now create API keys you can share with others to use your own priority.

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2023-05-05 - Docker container support

You can now run an AI Horde worker inside a docker container. Our README contains information on how to configure it All kudos to Gus Puffy#8887

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2023-04-23 - CLI extended features

The Command Line Interface for the AI Horde has now been extended to support Image Generation, Text Generation and Image Alchemy. It has been split into three files and is now available in its own repository:

2023-04-16 - First Patreon sponsorship

The AI Horde has received its first patreon sponsorship Many thanks to pawkygame VR for their support!

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2023-03-23 - Inpainting re-enabled

Inpainting is re-enabled that to the work of ResidentChief! Now also have support for multiple inpainting models.

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2023-03-19 - Interrogator renamed Alchemist

The AI Horde Interrogator Worker has now been renamed to 'Alchemist' The Horde alchemist can now run all the post-processors, along with all the interrogation forms. This means that if you have an existing image you wish to face-fix or upscale, you can just do that by requesting it via alchemy. For now, the alchemist does not support extracting ControlNet intermediate images, but this will be coming soon. The endpoints remain as api/v2interrogation/ for now but I plan to rename them in v3.

2023-03-15 - Supports DDIM sampler

the AI Horde now supports the DDIM sampler and the RealESRGAN_x4plus_anime_6B upscaler! Keep in mind that you cannot use two upscalers at the same time. All kudos to ResidentChief!

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2023-03-13 - Replacement filter option

A new option replacement_filter is available for image generations. When set to True and a potential CSAM prompt is detected, all underage context will be transparently replaced or removed and some extra negative prompts will be added to the negative prompt.When set to False (default) or the prompt size is over 500 chars The previous behaviour will be used, where the prompt is rejected and an IP timeout will be put in place. This feature should make sending text generations to be turned into images a less frustrating experience.

2023-03-10 - AI-driven anti-CSAM filter

We now have an AI-driven anti-CSAM filter as well. Read about it on the main developer's blog.

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2023-03-03 - Ratings back

The Horde Ratings are back in action. Go to your typical UI and rate away!

2023-02-23 - KoboldAI merged

KoboldAI Horde has been merged into Stable Horde as a unified AI Horde!

2023-02-21 - ControlNet support

The Horde now supports ControlNet on all models! All kudos go to hlky who again weaved the dark magic!

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2023-02-14 - Unlimited prompt size

You can now use an almost unlimited prompt size thanks to the work of ResidentChief!

2023-02-09 - Higher-sized images

You can now select to generate a higher-sized image using hires_fix, which uses the composition of stable diffusion at 512x512 which tends to be more consistent.

2023-02-03 - Supports pix2pix

The horde now supports pix2pix. All you have to do is use img2img as normal and select the pix2pix model!

2023-01-24 - Tiling requests support

We now support sending tiling requests! Send "tiling":true" into your payload params to request an image that seamlessly tiles.

2023-01-23 - Tightened NSFW rules

I have tightened the rules around NSFW models. As they seem to be straying into 'unethical' territory even when not explicitly prompted, I am forced to tighten the safety controls around them. From now on, otherwise generic terms for young people like girl ,boy etc Cannot be used on those models. Please either use terms like woman or man or switch to a non-NSFW model instead.

2023-01-23 - Blender plugin

The horde now has a Blender Plugin!

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2023-01-23 - Bridge agent key

All workers must start sending the bridge_agent key in their job pop payloads. See API documentation.

2023-01-18 - New Discord bot

We now have a New Discord Bot, courtesy of Zelda_Fan#0225. Check out their other bot as well! Only downside is that if you were already logged in to the old bot, you will need to /login again.

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2023-01-18 - Prompt weights

The prompts now support weights! Use them like so (sub prompt:1.1) where 1.1 corresponds to +10% weight You can tweak upwards more like 1.25 or downwards like 0.7, but don't go above +=30%

2023-01-12 - New Discord bot codebase

We plan to be replacing our official discord bot with new a new codebase based on the work of Zelda_Fan#0225. Once we do, be aware that the controls will be slightly different and you will have to log-in again with your API key.

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2023-01-11 - First browser extension

The Stable Horde has its first browser extension! GenAlt is an accessibility plugin to help people with bad eyesight always find alt text for images.The extension relies on the Stable Horde's newly added image interrogation capabilities to generate captions which are then serves as the image's alt text.

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2023-01-06 - Kudos cost adjustment

The amount of kudos consumed when generating images has been slightly adjusted. To simulate the resource costs of the horde, each image generation request will now burn +3 kudos. Those will not go to the generating worker! However we also have a new opt-in feature: You can choose to share your text2img generations with LAION. If you do, this added cost will be just +1 kudos. We have also updated our Terms of Service to make this more obvious.

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2023-01-05 - WebUI for worker configuration

Worker now have a WebUI which they can use to configure themselves. Use it by running

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2023-01-04 - Collaboration with LAION

We are proud to announce that we have initiated a collaboration with LAION to help them improve their dataset!

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2023-01-04 - Image interrogation support

You can now interrogate images (AKA img2txt) to retrieve information about them such as captions and whether they are NSFW. Check the api/v2/interrogate endpoint documentation.

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2023-01-01 - Support for automatic1111 Web UI

Stable Horde can now be used on the automatic1111 Web UI via an external script

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2022-12-30 - Supports depth2img

Stable Horde now supports depth2img! To use it you need to send a source image and select the Stable Difffusion 2 Depth model

2022-12-28 - Opt-in post-processors

Stable Horde workers can now opt-in to loading post-processors. Check your for options. This should help workers who started being more unstable due to the PP requirements.

2022-12-24 - Supports CodeFormer

Stable Horde has now support for CodeFormer. Simply use 'CodeFormers' for your postprocessor (case sensitive). This will fix any faces in the image. Be aware that due to the processing cost of this model, the kudos requirement will be 50% higher! Note: The inbuilt upscaler has been disabled

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2022-12-08 - Dynamic model swapping

The Stable Horde workers now support dynamically swapping models. This means that models will always switch to support the most in demand models every minute, allowing us to support demand much better!

2022-11-28 - Code refactoring for SQL DB

The Horde has undertaken a massive code refactoring to allow me to move to a proper SQL DB. This will finally allow me to scale the frontend systems horizontally and allow for way more capacity!

2022-11-24 - Limit on anonymous requests

Due to the massive increase in demand from the Horde, we have to limit the amount of concurrent anonymous requests we can serve. We will revert this once our infrastructure can scale better.

2022-11-24 - Stable Diffusion 2.0 available

Stable Diffusion 2.0 has been released and now it is available on the Horde as well.

2022-11-22 - Mastodon bot deployed

A new Stable Horde Bot has been deployed, this time for Mastodon. You can find [the stablehorde_generator}( as well as our official Stable Horde account on

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2022-11-22 - Unreal Engine support

We now have support for the Unreal Engine via a community-provided plugin

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2022-11-18 - Automatic post-processing

The stable horde now supports post-processing on images automatically

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2022-11-05 - Adjusted request limits

Due to suddenly increased demand, we have adjusted how much requests accounts can request before needing to have the kudos upfront. More than 50 steps will require kudos and the max resolution will be adjusted based on the current horde demand.

2022-11-05 - Teams for workers

Workers can now join teams to get aggregated stats.

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2022-11-02 - High-res image generation

The horde can now generate images up to 3072x3072 and 500 steps! However you need to already have the kudos to burn to do so!

2022-10-29 - Inpainting available

Inpainting is now available on the stable horde! Many kudos to blueturtle for the support!

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2022-10-25 - New Discord bot

Another Discord Bot for Stable Horde integration has appeared!

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2022-10-24 - Client renamed Lucid Creations

The Stable Horde Client has been renamed to Lucid Creations and has a new version and UI out which supports multiple models and img2img!

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2022-10-22 - New npm SDK

We have a new npm SDK for integrating into the Stable Horde.

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2022-10-22 - Krita and GIMP img2img

Krita and GIMP plugins now support img2img

2022-10-21 - Img2img for everyone

Image 2 Image is now available for everyone!

2022-10-20 - Stable Diffusion 1.5

Stable Diffusion 1.5 is now available!

2022-10-17 - Krita plugin

We now have a Krita plugin.

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2022-10-17 - Img2img pilot

Img2img on the horde is now on pilot for trusted users.

2022-10-16 - New Web UI

Yet another Web UI has appeared.

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2022-10-13 - KoboldAI upgraded

KoboldAI Has been upgraded to the new countermeasures

2022-10-11 - New dedicated Web UI

A new dedicated Web UI has entered the scene!

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2022-10-10 - Google Colab worker

You can now contribute a worker to the horde via google colab. Just fill-in your API key and run!

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2022-10-10 - Discord rewards bot

The discord rewards bot has been unleashed. Reward good contributions to the horde directly from the chat!

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2022-10-09 - News functionality

The horde now includes News functionality. Also In the API!

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2022-10-06 - New installation video

We have a new installation video for both the Stable Horde Client and the Stable horde worker.

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